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About Us

Remote Marine Solutions Powell River

[Powell river marine construction & fabrication]

Our Focus is on Quality over Quantity

As a family-owned and operated company, we can take the time to give you something custom and one-of-a-kind. 

At Remote Marine Solutions, we specialize in building high-quality custom Docks, Ramps & Transitions, Cabin Floatation, Barges, Marine Aluminum & Steel Fabrication, plus a comprehensive range of marine services.

We are known to build the toughest, most resilient docks, period. Our docks are stable yet light, meaning lesser freight costs, barge tows and less expensive anchoring gear than a concrete dock. We listen to our customers and aim to provide a quality dock surpassing your expectations.

We also build add-ons for your Dock, for example, Kayak racks, Aluminum Ladders, Power, Custom Lighting, Slides, Rope Swings, Saunas and whatever else you can think up.

We work with high-quality suppliers to ensure that our clients will be satisfied with not only what is functional but also the appeal. We always see your project through from start to finish.

We do everything from fixed to floating marine projects, and you can count on us to tackle any remote location!

Our Promise to You

Remote Marine Solutions is dedicated to the highest quality of custom-built docks and marine construction delivered with stability, integrity, and resilience.





[Built To Last]

We Use Only the Best Products

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

HDPE is a Canadian-made product which is an amazing plastic that is very resilient to UV rays and damage due to impact and is very resilient to extremes in temperature. 

HDPE is the best product to use in the marine environment as growth has difficulty sticking to it. It never rusts, becomes degraded and can handle much movement without worry.

Oh, it’s also 100% recyclable and naturally buoyant!

Float frames have a life expectancy of 100-plus years. The HDPE pipe is also much more resilient than ABS and doesn’t crack due to hot or cold weather or impact from falling rocks in trenches. As all pipe joints are fully fusion welded and not glued, there is no chance of joints failing.

HDPE is a trusted product used in water systems for subdivisions!

Here's Our Client Process

Whether you are a watersports enthusiast or enjoy lounging, fishing or swimming off your dock, we’ve got you covered. We’re experts at what we do and are here to collaborate with you on making your dream project come true! 

Free Initial Consultation

Reach out, and we’ll schedule a free introductory consultation to learn more about your project by phone, or we can meet with you locally.

Onsite Consultation

We will visit your site to assess your needs; if it’s a remote location, there’s a $300 fee; this is refundable if we’re selected to complete your project.

3D Design Mockup

We create a 3D rendering for your custom project. For this service, there’s a fee of $300, which is refundable if we are selected for your project.

Follow up

We will follow up promptly with a detailed project estimate or quote. 

Project Timeline

Once the work is signed off on we will discuss your project timeline and schedule the work to be completed. 


Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system

Why Hire Us?

Remote Marine Solutions is dedicated to providing the highest quality marine construction using the best materials and delivering top-notch service. Let’s get your project started!