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Our Services

Our Commitment to You: Quality, Craftsmanship and Service

At Remote Marine Solutions, we pride ourselves on ensuring that your project is taken care of every step of the way. We offer consultation, 3D drawing design, construction and installation for your marine project.

We listen to our customers and aim to provide you with quality craftsmanship that is built to last and will surpass your expectations.

Please view our services below.

[Strong, Durable, Long-Lasting]

Dock Construction

We listen to our customers and aim to provide you with a quality dock surpassing your expectations.

  • We construct our float frames using Canadian-made HDPE (High-Density Polyurethane) pipes; they are UV stable and will last 100 years!
  • Our docks are stable yet light, meaning less freight costs, barge tows and less expensive anchoring gear than a concrete dock.
  • Unlike billet-style docks, our floats are continuous and, as such, are very stable, and since the float acts as the frame, there is nothing to fail in an extreme weather event.
  • We offer our clients many options for decking, tie rail and facia. These include but are not limited to mini mesh fibreglass, composite, cedar, pressure treated and concrete slab.

Photo: Completed Custom Cedar Dock, and Ramp on Nelson Island. See the full project here

[Red Sealed Certified]

Fabrication, Aluminum Ramps,
Brackets & Dock Hardware

With in-house Red Seal Certified Fabrication services, we can build whatever you need without outsourcing while keeping quality at the foremost of what we do.

We work with high-quality suppliers to ensure that our clients will be satisfied with not only function but also the appeal. We produce high-quality ramps, transitions, rollers, brackets, hinges, ladders, and fish-cleaning tables. 

Plus, additional add-ons for your Boat, Jetski and Dock

  • We build custom Boat Lifts, and having a boat lift minimizes growth on your hull and provides additional safety while you are away from your boat.
  • Jetski Lifts. Keep your toys safe and access easy.
  • For your Dock: Kayak racks, Aluminum ladders, Custom Lighting, Power, Slides, Rope Swings, Saunas and whatever else you can think up.

Photos: Aluminum Ramp with Fibreglass Composite Decking Cranberry Lake – City of Powell River project. 

[Professional, Skilled, Reliable]

Dock Delivery, On-Site Installation
Renovations, Anchoring & Custom Barges

We provide Dock delivery and On-site installation. Our projects are seen through from start to finish, and we ensure that quality is maintained throughout the process.

  • Renovations: If you already have an existing dock or ramp that could use some additional flotation, upgrades or maintenance, we can help with that too.
  • Dock adjustments: We have our own ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) to inspect your existing anchors and chain, which is safer than hiring professional Divers and costs far less.
  • Anchoring & Mooring with Barge: We offer anchoring and mooring services with our barge and vessel. Lake or Ocean services available.
  • Custom HDPE Work Barges/Platforms for your industry: We can float whatever you need. We also do Party Barges and can build whatever you dream up!
  • Floating picnic tables. Fun for all!
  • For additional floatation for your Cabin or Dock, we use Float pipes that easily sink in the water, are positioned where necessary and are filled with air to create permanent flotation that will last.

Plus, we have our own equipment, such as excavators and zoom booms, to tackle projects such as ramp landings, removal of existing docks and anchors or making improvements to existing infrastructure.

Photo: Custom Swim/Kayak Grid with Custom Swing-up Ladder – Nelson Island. See the full project here

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HDPE Fusion &
Extrusion Welding

We specialize in plastic welding, fabrication, and fusion welding for large or small waterlines.

HDPE Fusion Welding:

  • We fusion weld pipes together for water systems such as subdivisions or remote penstock systems for hydro projects. When HDPE pipes are fusion welded together, no joints can fail compared to other products on the market, making HDPE the go-to for long-lasting zero-maintenance systems.

HDPE Extrusion Welding:

  • We can custom weld and fabricate with HDPE plate materials to create anything you can dream up from boats, water tanks or that custom modification upgraded from aluminum or steel to HDPE! We offer onsite fabrication and repairs for this service as well.

Photos: HDPE Welding – Spot Welding tabs on a Float Frame. See the full project here

[We're ready]

Remote Work
We Go Where You Need Us

We are not afraid to tackle challenging remote jobs. We have assisted our clients with the following:

  • Constructed a new road up a mountain with an excavator for our customers’ all-terrain vehicle.
  • Diesel Generator Swaps
  • On-Site Welding
  • Fusion welding of waterlines for hydro-generation (over 1000′ of pipe). 
  • Installed freshwater intakes to supply waterfront properties and subdivisions.
  • Levelling of boathouse
  • Constructed a boathouse door
  • Completed ramp repairs and improvements.

Photo: We used our UTV to maneuver equipment up the mountain at Klahoose Wilderness Resort. See the project here

we can build anything you dream up!